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A video of grave electoral malpractices in Kano has resurfaced. The video evidence uncovered recently shows an underage voting operation which took place in a local government election in kano. From the discussion in the video and further investigation, the location of this underage voter operation was the Shahuchi polling unit, Municipal Council Area, Kano. There are other reports of similar cases of underage voting in other parts of Kano.

This has since been alleged to be the same template used in the 2019 General election, which Atiku Abubakar has since rejected for obvious reasons. Is Atiku Abubakar right to have rejected the result? One does not expect Atiku to release all the evidence he has on the alleged electoral malpractices carried out during the 2019 General election, and so, Nigerians would expect him to fight for his right and restore the nation’s democracy which has since come under attack.

Evidence are meant for the court and not the public. However, even the court of public opinion, with lining, in and out of the incumbent and opposition party loyalty, believe that the election was at best, imperfect. This conclusion comes from an aggregate of public opinion in and out of social media, since the decalaration of the election result.

The video attached becomes an example of electoral malpractices which many observer groups have complained about. The video cast a shade at the humungous figures recorded in places like Borno and Katsina. If not for anything, the claims of the PDP regarding overbloated figures, have become clearer, as states ravaged by Boko Haram, have recorded more turnouts than states that are relatively peaceful.

Here is a video of children thumb printing; allotting votes to both parties—1 for PDP, 10 for APC, and Nigerians think that is the right thing to do? Is it also right that the destiny of 200 million people should lie in the hands of kids and their ability to thumbprint as many ballots as possible?


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