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Last week, Andela Nigeria; a leading tech company in Nigeria, received a foreign investment of $100m. That is about N36 billion. The tech community and the industry in Nigeria has come off age and must not be overlooked. Now is the time for the government to focus on the industry and drive even better innovation.

Atiku’s vision of the Nigeria tech ecosystem, is an industry that will of course be private sector-driven, with massive government support in the form of hubs with supersonic internet speed, 24/7 electricity and other infrastructures. In his speech, he stated, “Today, this day, I ask you to join hands with me in launching The Future Possible Project, a private sector-led, public sector-supported incubator cum accelerator for Nigeria’s over 60m enterprising youth. The Future Possible Project starts today with the millions who have already registered on our Better Nigeria portal.” What this means is that the Atiku Plan understands the importance of grooming younger people and youths to appreciate the future, which is tech and Artificial Intelligence.

crowd at atiku roadmap

The government of Atiku Abubakar will focus on university-tech ecosystem synergy, which will see universities overhauling their tech-related courses to reflect the present day needs. It is unfortunate that while the ecosystem is grappling with various frameworks in Javascript and Python, computer science curriculum in Nigeria universities have not gone beyond the most basic forms of C#. Their needs to be a massive overhaul and a synergized relationship which will be provided by the Atiku Plan, between the tech ecosystem and universities would do the magic.

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Atiku Abubakar is concerned about this and as such, states; “This is my pledge to you: on February 16th, 2019, we begin to write a new story, one that reflects the purpose and commitment of your enterprise, one that your children’s’ children will tell with pride. It is a new day coming, one in which together, we all can rise.” The election is fast approaching and Nigerians have a choice to make; to better Nigeria through tech, or to do otherwise.


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