My vision is to transform Nigeria into a modern economy and to pursue an agenda of social transformation that gives opportunities to every Nigerian, and improve the quality of life for all. Our education system must reflect this vision and serve as pathways for building the society that we desire today and in the future.


  • Within the first six months, draft and present to the National Assembly, a National Education Reform Bill to articulate and give force to the necessary reforms envisaged in the sector. This Bill will set minimum standards in funding, infrastructure and equal opportunity; it will redefine roles and responsibilities of government at all levels; and will generally aim to ensure that Nigeria’s education system is able to support national development priorities and objectives.
  • Facilitate the development of industry-led Science, Technical and Vocation education system with deliberate bias for high job-yielding skills, especially in construction, agriculture, entertainment, ICT, the Services etc.
  • Develop a National Strategy to retain and attract brilliant young men and women to take up long-term career in teaching. I am convinced that no education can rise above the quality of its teachers.
  • Expand and develop systems for alternative learning pathways, including part-time learning, adult education, remedial opportunities and life-long learning.


Join Us.  Together we can build a BETTER NIGERIA