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Today was yet another magnificent day in the annals of the PDP as the leading opposition party rallied in the commercial city of Kano. With the all important Kwankwassiya movement stealing the headlines, one could see an overcrowded city with an enthusiasm for commerce, stating emphatically that they want pro-business policies.


The rally which attracted nothing less than 500,000 people with a clear majority not making it through the stadium gate is touted as the mother of all rallies. The incumbent Muhammadu Buhari has always held Kano down but pundits are sure things will change after an awful first tenure which saw the President lose a lot of goodwill.

pdp kano rallykano rally

pdp rally kano pdp rally kano

Recall that the President of Nigeria was found endorsing a Governor who has been recorded, receiving bribe. Situations like this work against the anti corruption mantra of the Buhari administration. This has formed the basis of the upcoming Gubernatorial election, while hunger, forms the basis of the Presidential election. The State is set to experience an upset in its political record, as they have shown willingness to vote out a former favorite; Muhammadu Buhari.


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