The number one responsibility of any government is to protect the lives and properties of everyone that lives within its borders. I have no doubt that my plans to transform Nigeria into a modern economy based on enterprise and innovations cannot be achieved unless every Nigerian can leave home in the morning without fears that they might not return and sleep at night with their eyes closed.


  • Develop national capability in the deployment of ICT for internal security and law enforcement. This system will also improve the system of birth registration as well as harmonise and upgrade existing identification data to ensure that a suspect can be identified and located no matter where they may reside in the country.
  • Decentralise and restructure the internal security system for greater efficiency and accountability. This will also strengthen local and community policing as well as intelligence gathering.
  • Address all issues of regional and ethnic discontent and ensure that the citizenship of Nigeria guarantees equal opportunities for everyone. I believe that justice is a major pre-condition for enduring peace.
  • Effectively fund and give all necessary support to the Nigerian military to bring the Boko Haram insurgencies to an end and restore lasting peace in the North West of Nigeria.


Join Us.  Together we can Get Nigeria working Again