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The Atiku/Obi campaign, determined to make good use of the remaining days for campaign was busy yesterday crisscrossing the state, convincing voters on the need to vote for Alhaji Abubakar Atiku.

Obi who walked around  markets on foot with his followers, visiting the major markets in those cities as well as passing through streets,  appealed to  voters to be part of the new “dawn sweeping across the country like harmattan fire, the dawn of Atiku presidency”

Obi regretted the near absence of  Federal Government in  towns visited and told the people  that like other major cities in Nigeria, that they would be taken care of  by Atiku’s Presidency.

In Nnewi, Obi said   “I can tell you that during the study of the problems of different towns in Nigeria, which Atilku commissioned for over 3 years, it was discovered that the major problem of Nnewi  is power and I can tell you that going by  Atiku’s work plan that problem will be solved.”

Obi who thanked  people like Innoson, cutix cable  and  Chikason for remaining steadfast in industrialization despite harsh policies of the last 3 years, assured them of better deal under Atiku. He said that the revival of infrastructure of power would help to resuscitate many Nnewi moribund industries

In Obosi, Obi  was hailed as he told traders at Ngbuka that the Federal Government under Atiku would reduce tax  and introduce other measures to encourage them.


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