If the current population trend continues, it is estimated that Nigeria’s population could double within the next 30 years. It would therefore become extremely difficult to continue to manage such a large population under a centralized structure. Therefore, we must restructure our governance system to enhance efficiency and ensure greater accountability to the people.


  • Within the first six months commence the process of constitutional amendment that will devolve powers and responsibilities currently residing in the Federal Government to the State Governments. This process will seek to decongest the exclusive and concurrent list in the constitution.
  • Under this constitutional reform, the Federal Government will provide general direction for the economy, retain control of defence and national security, internal law and order, currency, international affairs, foreign policy, customs, citizenship and immigration, firearms and related matters.
  • We will devolve to the concurrent list control of minerals and mines, internal policing and control of police, railways and communications, transport, environment and land matters.
  • We will ensure strict autonomy for Local Governments.
  • We will ensure that Nigeria’s common resources are shared equitably in accordance with a new revenue allocation formula to be negotiated across the board.


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